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Love has no time or date on the calendar, but when it comes to sex, things change. More than an act where two people get together because they like each other or love each other very much, making love involves responsibility and maturity. There are so many lives at stake, think about it!

The Sexual Corner, a space that is and I would dare to say suitable for all public, since sexuality today can not remain a taboo, I think we should all learn and clarify many doubts to not make mistakes in the future, have.

In this space you will find topics based on real life, where I will answer those doubts and give you the advice you need and should know about sexuality.

What is this space inspired by?

Sex is definitely, the most mentioned topic when young people reach a certain age, but what age? why do boys suddenly stop talking about nintendo to start thinking about doing other kinds of things? why do some girls blush and even feel bad when that key is touched? hey... it's not a big deal either, sexuality is an important part in the life of a human being, but it's not everything, clearly as I've emphasized before, it's important to be informed.

So much paraphernalia that adults create around this, I think that's what makes young people sick. They turn it into a kind of "taboo" and the truth is that there is nothing more normal. Did we come into the world because of the stork?

However, we must understand that sex as an act "per se" is a joint responsibility, that is, the two people involved have an equal burden of guilt.

Second, it was made to bear fruit. Yes, just like animals, human beings reproduce through sex, so if the necessary measures are not taken, you will see that at nine months you will play with dolls, but with your child's dolls.

Finally, in times of AIDS and many other venereal diseases, sex has become a kind of double-edged sword, so you have to take all the necessary measures, in time. A night of passion can cost you your life and this is precisely what many advertising campaigns have focused on.

Perhaps I am alarming you, but that is unfortunately the reality of youth in the middle of the year 2020. Today you meet a guy who fascinates you and you even see him clean, maybe he is and a lot, but the point is that you don't know how many girls he has slept with. Suddenly they were as naive and homely as you can be, but their previous boyfriends were not, and that's how the tragedy begins.

For these and many other things that may be escaping us, due to the physical space I decide to investigate its sex is for young Venezuelans a matter of age, that is, something that has to be done not to be left behind, or if it is rather a matter where maturity and responsibility play a more important role.



If you don't feel ready enough to get into an eleven-stranded shirt, don't! There are plenty of reasons to tell you that sex is the responsibility of two individuals, and if you think your current partner isn't, leave it at that, you have a whole life ahead of you to experience this and other comforting experiences.


Thank you for your visit

You know, you can share and leave your comment, you can ask your questions if you feel sorry, that I will gladly give you good advice to solve your problems and doubts about sexuality, don't feel sorry dear friends, that already today this topic has to be treated as something normal, and educate us very well not to make mistakes

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It is good discussion and true we need to be more carful in having sex and need great care to understand it. Thank for creating this positive talk. We should have sex with only wife.