Garbage and its pollution is a worldwide problem.

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One of the pollutants of our beloved planet Earth is garbage, itself. In many countries there are those who take advantage of the garbage, classify it, to see if they can reuse, reuse and recycle the famous 3R.


In schools in other countries, children are taught from an early age how to recycle garbage, with containers for that purpose. They are taught environmental education, so they can take care of the planet. But sadly, in other countries, this is not the case.

An example where I live, in my community (in Venezuela), unfortunately we do not have the service called Aseo Urbano, which was in charge of collecting during the week, the garbage that is collected in homes, shops, schools that are in the community and throughout the city.


This has led us to do things we don't want to do, but we can't keep the garbage in our houses either. One of those things is that we throw the garbage in some nearby places, which also burn there, increasing the pollution, since the smoke can produce respiratory and skin diseases.

If you had companies that collect garbage, they would classify it as: glass (bottles, jars), plastics (margarine and soft drink containers), paper (newspapers, cardboard). This would help to minimize pollution.

Campaigning, but with continuity, not just for a certain time and already. Something that would be constant, but many already know how things are in Venezuela, that you rather see people in the garbage dumps, looking for anything to sell for a few bolivars so they can buy something to feed their family.

Others do it by throwing away the garbage of those who can't because they work and pay them to throw it away. It is very depressing.


If I collaborate with trying to save the environment, in my house the organic waste, I use it as fertilizer, for my plants, in my small patio I have sown and harvested: peppers, corn, paprika, coriander, chives.


I recycle what I can from jars, bottles, to make crafts, I prepare artisan drinks, but it would be very good if everyone would contribute their grain of sand, to safeguard the planet.

Our one and only planet Earth, that it returns to be prosperous as it was before.

All photos are my property, taken with my Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V 18.2 MP Digital Camera


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