Little basic knowledge of political terms

From my understanding, what I read in the description of this community is an opinion on political issues. So here I will try to convey my opinion regarding those topics.


According to my knowledge, politics has more than one meaning, for example, there are those who interpret politics as things related to the administration of government and the state. There are also those who argue that politics is something that means taking care of one's interests.

In this political issue, there are many terms that may differ in many countries in the world. There is a term political theory, which is a study of the world of politics, for example, what and how a concept is to determine political goals, how to achieve these goals, and how to overcome problems that arise when politics is applied in society or also called political consequences.

In the discussion of Political Theory, there are many branches that are formed, for example, political philosophy, the concept of the political system, the concept of the state, society, sovereignty, power, legitimacy, state institutions, social change, political development, political comparison, etc. So, if studied in detail, this political theory will take a long time.

In addition to the term political theory, there is also the term political system which is a simple sense is a system in the administration of a country's government. There are many kinds of political systems, including anarchism, authoritarianism, democracy, dictatorism, fascism, federalism, feminism, religious fundamentalism, globalism, imperialism, capitalism, communism, liberalism, libertarianism, Marxism, meritocracy, monarchy, nationalism, racism, socialism, theocracy, totalitarianism, oligarchy, etc. This political system has various bases that they consider appropriate.

The next political term is a political institution which in a simple sense is a group or organization that has a patterned behavior by assigning positions to certain people to carry out certain functions for the achievement of common goals, this institution or organization can be formal or informal. Perhaps a close example of this political institution is a political organization that usually fights when elections take place. But in other countries, there are different possibilities for this political institution to adjust to the political system adopted by that country.

Maybe this is my opinion about politics, hopefully, I can increase my knowledge by joining this community, thank you.

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