U.S to remain World Leader



COVID-19 has been the cover of a grand scale chess match by the world powers. At this point, I can say the U.S has the edge.

It is clear China weaponized crypto to feed the appetites of Americans. Nevertheless, the U.S has not turned its back on the free market principles they champion. Even if the cryptocurrency market surpasses the stock market, the USD is the bridge that holds crypto together. Valuations and debt can be anything for the headlines.

The U.S had some strong words for Russia recently, a country you do not use the pump-fake. To my surprise, Turkey said something which I think will be enough to deter Russian aggression for now. I like Putin. I like his style. It is what comes after Putin that should be concerning.

However, there are some concerns. Primarily with China. Pissing matches tend to end one way. Some people commentate, some people forecast. I am not in the business of forecasting anymore. An environment of perpetual fear makes travesties seem normal.

I'm just glad I live in a country that does everything to maintain sovereign individuals.

I can find some that would say I have no business looking into Korean politics. Even more so based on my skin color. If something as that seems farfetched and shouldn't exist to some... It is easy to see how Korea being bombed doesn't seem farfetched to others either. Everyone can be goofy.

The sin of homosexuality in the bible is a reference to the dangers of things remaining the same .

Is there any time in history when North Korea wasn't fighting the South? Taiwan had decades to claim an identity; Taiwanese, yet they have to be the "true" Chinese. Cursed is such lands.

The U.S could never be the global threat for such reasons. It is no coincidence they emerged from WW2 as the defacto superpower.

People need to stop being so gay. I am politically incorrect.

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I hope the gay crowd doesn't think this is an attack. There is a limited amount of words to describe some tilts.