A Group of Damselflies: 10% Beneficiary to shy-fox


When I was strolling near the stream, I accidentally noticed a group of damselflies was gathering on a twig over the water. I guess, they were on a crucial meeting since I spotted one of them acted like a leader. Surely known the color one that leads the meeting event. Anyway, it is just an assumption but what I am trying to say is that this moment of seeing this group of the damselfly is quite rare, and hard to let go. Due to the place that they gathered was unreachable with a smartphone I decided to take them with a DSLR, crouching behind the grass was the best way to capture them while making sure my steps did not go to the wrong edge or otherwise I would fall into the water. After some time trying, I was finally able to take a few pictures of the damselflies that were often seen flying over the water, and this stream was their best home to live in. Damselfly is commonly found near shallow, freshwater habitats and is a graceful flier with a slender body and long, filmy, net-veined wings. Damselflies belong to the order Odonata, in the phylum Arthropod.

Most species fold the wings along the body when at rest, unlike dragonflies which hold the wings flat and away from the body. An ancient group, damselflies have existed since at least the Lower Permian, and are found on every continent except Antarctica.source






CameraNikon D7000
CategoryInsect Photography
LensTamron Tele-Macro 70-300
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very rare momentum, you managed to capture it in the form of photos. Thank you for sharing brother


Thank you. Bobo sana😂😂😂

Capturing them in water will be a difficult task but you have made good pictures.


Indeed, thank you for the rate

good moment...when take it...so smart taker.

this is a pretty rate photo. Dragonflies are extremely fast. you know, they lay eggs near water. It has an incredible behavior if we study a little.


Yep, also known as ancient insect that still live today. Water is their favorite place to live in. Thank for dropping by


known as ancient insect that still live today

I have a memory that I have heard this before..

Group scenes like this are rarely seen, you have captured something really cool. Excellent photography

Amazing nature photoshoot! I appreciate your photography.

great catch bro

This is an amazing scenery. There are a lot of small dragonfly... Nice work