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I set out to the remote village, a place where the fresh air and the beauty of nature were always welcome us with warm and enchanting views. It's been my third time exploring this spot by riding a motorbike. It took me around an hour to get to this place and the mountain tracks sometimes troubled us but we could manage and the trip went back on. I personally love exploring the rural as I could see the purity from the face of nature. Green was everywhere and surely pleased to the eyes beside it has already become our favorite spots to do hunting. As you can see, the bushes filled both sides of the mountain road and probably in there I could find the insects but unfortunately, we got none. Maybe, they already migrated to another spot or maybe they ran away soon they noticed us coming. One thing is for sure, the weather might also influence their existence. Never mind! Without them, I had other subjects to shoot, which were the landscapes of paddy fields in the rural area, and the green really made my day. The clock was ticking, my time here was almost over, so I rushed to take these landscapes from different sides with my DSLR camera. Here are some landscape photos from my yesterday's trip.







CameraNikon D7000
CategoryNature Photography
LensKit Lens 18-55
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beautiful scenery, the plants look very fertile

Very beautiful natural scenery, having lunch in the middle of a rice field hut seems like a very impressive thing ☺

a very appropriate hunting place, especially in such a natural atmosphere, thank you for sharing this beautiful place

Evergreen paddy fields are really awesome.. nice Photography

Pretty nice view of the nature. A long field used for agriculture. Such a pleasant view. Mind blowing nature. Thanks.