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I was very thankful for having a chance to come back to the beach. As I mention the other day that I did not have the right moment to fully catch the sunset. Don't get me wrong, this sunset was taken long ago at two different beaches. Back then, the sunset was my favorite subject of my photography till now, I am still in love with it but in the last couple of days, we experience cloudy days that made me unable to find sunset in any frequently visited spots. Usually, I headed to the beach or large field where I could possibly witness the sunset as I thought sunset is always a great subject of nature and hard to leave it behind. The sunset would show different sights at different times which straightly emerge the beauty that, for the moment, attracted my attention to bring them into my camera. People would love to kill time waiting for the sunset, even sometimes I had to go home without seeing any light coming up but it did not break my feeling, I still have another day to get its pure light, the light of love from mother earth. Seeing the sun was slowly disappearing from the lining trees, I decided to stop and shot its half shape through the meadow and when I was done with this sunset, I rode to the beach. I wish I could catch the full shape, but I was so late for that.





CameraNikon D7000
CategoryNature Photography
LensVR II AFP 18-55mm
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I like these scenes of nature the most. The surrounding scenery then becomes even more interesting. Beautiful photography


Many thanks for appreciating my work. Yeah, it is good to be back on the beach again

Let's go to lancok beach to hunt sunset 📸😁👍


Great. Let see when

All the captured scenes are really wonderful. Natural scenes are always amazing. We cannot deny the beauty of nature. Just wow.


Yeah, nature always provide us the best. Thanks

So satisfying picture.


Thank you

very beautiful scenery in my opinion, I am very amazed to see your photographer skills

what a scenario you show in this picture!! Thats like a wonderful. Sea beach, sunset what a combination!

Sunset beach beautiful

This is the most beautiful view of the sun thoroughout the day. I love this view very much always that's why try to go to the nature just before sunset if i get opportunity. Lovely view.