A smelly enemy that must be hunted || Walang Sangit (Leptocorisa oratorius)

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Hello #beautyofcreativity friends, how are you guys today? I hope you are doing well and I wish you continued success in your work in this beloved community. Today allow me to share some pictures that I have, which I took while I was out in the fields with my parents. Hopefully this post of mine can be part of the progress of the #beautyofcreativity community.

Let's see below some photos of Walang sangit insects that I took with my cellphone camera.


Leptocorisa oratorius


Leptocorisa oratorius


Leptocorisa oratorius


Leptocorisa oratorius


Leptocorisa oratorius

That's the #beautyofcreativity friend for the macro type photos that I took using my Redmi Note 10 Pro cellphone camera. Hope you all enjoy what I share. And if there are words that are not pleasing, I ask for criticism so that in the future I can work better and for the betterment of this community. Hopefully the support from my friends in this community will motivate me to be better in the future. That is all and thank you...

CameraSmartphone Redmi Note 10 Pro
CategoryInsect photography
Location PhotoAceh Forest

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