Weeding ceremony of my cousin brother || Zakaria Weeds Lisa

10개월 전

Hello all

How are you all. I am fine.
I was busy in my life because of marriage ceremony of my cousin brother.
For that reason,i was not able to upload any blog.
Also for Facebook server problem and life problem,i wasn't be able to become active.

Today,i will share about this ceremony. Hope you all will understand.

On 2 and 3 April,2021. The marriage of my cousin brother had held.
His name is Zakaria.He is my fufi's son. For that reason i had gone in their house 1 day ago.

Though there was network problem,but no worries i had enjoyed those moments.

Now i will write some informations with photos,hope you all will understand what i am trying to say.

The boy name is Zakaria and the Girl name is Lisa. So, Zakaria weds Lisa.

Zakaria Weds Lisa

At first watch the gate. As this is the Beauty what i care most in any weeding. Like everytime,this was awesome in look. Also it was in lighting. You can check it yourself here.


This is the boy after Gaye Holud(Body Turmeric). It is a ritual of our country of our Village.

Then people were touching turmeric in the boy body. Some were feeding sweets and fruits. That was me after doing that,the boy was feeding me fruit.


Then this picture was taken in the girl house. We were waiting for marriage and food.

As this is corona time,so i was wearing musk. As safety first.


Then the marriage was held by the Moulbi and also by the registration. All were waiting for this moment.

Then the food feeding time. You can see this is the boy and girl. They are married now. So they can eat together. And they will eat now.


This was the plate of the couple. They will eat together in same plate. There were some more formalities here. Though forget that.
Then the farewell time. After that they came in the boy house.

This the Husband and wife , sitting along with his nephew's and brothers, sister's.
There was smile in the boy's face.

I have tried to share about this weeding. Hope you all have enjoyed this .
Thanks all.

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