A kind of shrub surrounded by dense leaves

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Photo by @winkles

Photo by @winkles

These plants tend to look a little different in style. This plant usually looks a bit like a Zhou tree. Although it looks like a Zhou tree, this species is completely different. Usually these species are collected and planted from outside. These are somewhat hybrid species. These trees are an attraction anywhere. These are mainly found in different gardens because they are considered to be a different medium of beauty of the garden.

Photo by @winkles

If these trees are planted along the line then the matter looks more beautiful. I saw it in a garden in Kolkata and there these trees seemed to be doing a different kind of looking job to me. The leaves of this tree are small and very dense. The leaves of this plant grow from the very beginning.

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wow this plant is very good, this is one of the ornamental plants that can be shaped, the photography is very good, thank you for sharing