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Photo by @winkles

Photo by @winkles

These are a kind of grasshopper. But these grasshoppers look a little different. We usually see the skin color of the grasshopper is green, but if we notice that the skin color of these grasshoppers is different, that is, the skin color of the slightly dried leaves is exactly the same. These are usually very rare.

Photo by @winkles

This grasshopper and the species are a little different but all belong to the same family. This grasshopper was suddenly jumping on the wall of my house and I was shocked at first to see its color because I was the first to see this color grasshopper. Anyway but quite interesting to see.

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Best Regards, @winkles

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wow.. this grasshopper is very unique, i have never seen it before,, the shots are very good my friend, you are a professional photography, thank you for sharing


Thank you very much .