Photographs of the evening moments

2개월 전

Photo by @winkles

Yesterday I went for a walk a little away from home. I took these pictures in the evening. It seemed as if nature had come to a standstill yesterday. It is very hot in the evening and there is no wind of any nature. An uncomfortable situation all around, as if the leaves of a tree were not moving, everything seemed to come to a sudden halt.

Photo by @winkles

In this situation, it seemed as if I would be relieved if it rained at this moment. As a result, standing in this situation, it seemed that if nature did not want, not a single leaf of the tree would move, that is, everything depends on nature.

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Best Regards, @winkles

CameraRedmi Note 7
CategoryNature Photography

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wow photography the beauty of the evening is very nice, you have done a great job, thank you for sharing


Thank you very much too.