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So I have copied all of Granola Light over and have now got to come up with actual shit to say from the top of my head. I guess it's hard for me to stream things in a proper order because my mind doesn't think in any sort of consistency.
image source My brain

Does yours? Like when you are just at rest, does your mind have organizational skills or are you like me and it just goes back and forth from one thing to the next with no sense of order or decency? I find that I think about Whaleshares a lot when I am just thinking but I never focus on one thing to work on.
image sourceYour brain?

Just now I was wondering what other people actually want from their time there. For instance, do most people actually want to be there for the long term or are they just trying to get some money so they can tell all their Facebook friends that they made $20 off of crypto so lunch is on them?

Also, what does "long-term" even mean to other people? Six months, a year? Three years?

When I started on Whaleshares I had a conversation with someone who told me in a year he would be making $4000 USD a month off of Whaleshares. I replied that I would be ecstatic if I could make $1500 a month in ten years to help me retire a little early.

Now we are here, a year later and even though he has one of the largest wallets on the platform it would probably only make him $30/month if he were to sell off all the daily rewards. He is not here on the platform trying to improve things or even posting the day to day of his pretty interesting life. It's too bad because I do miss his posts and seeing what he's up to.

I am still here and plugging along though. Mostly because I like it here but also because I had honestly planned on giving it ten years to see if it would fly. Everyone kept saying that this was a long-term vision so I was prepared for long-term.

Also, what would you like to see changed?

What's your top five list of things you would like to see different on here?

Mine are, in no particular:

  • the tip slider - I would love to be able to type in the amount as when you have a few hundred in your tip jar, trying to get to a number can be tricky and time-consuming.
  • the mute function to actually mute someone from all aspects of your experience here.
  • friends as the default publishing option - I think there should be no default but you have to choose before you can post. Like the interests
  • the signup process should have some more instruction for when you actually start on the platform. Maybe a link to the @tutorials account or something.
  • pods are made easier for people to understand

Now, what do you love the most about Whaleshares?

I love the possibilities. I look at it like this fresh piece of paper we can put our ideas on and see where it goes. I love seeing other people putting their ideas to work and cheering them on from the sidelines or rolling up my sleeves and helping. I look at the future like it has no limits because of some great brains and personalities mingling together there. Sooner or later someone will figure out how to make a dapp for what they are thinking about and wheels will begin to turn.

Mostly, I love the relationships I have formed there.

Keep it up, you bunch of crazies.

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Can I copy paste my comment from your other post?


Why the fuck not? I'm not going to flag you for it. lol


Haha. It won't matter since I made curation rewards from your post lol. I'm glad you made the 2 cent threshold for payout though:)


You can thank SBI for that. As long as I don't post too much I can be guaranteed a cool nickel per post.

Upvoted with my 0.00 reward as well. Sorry I can't do better than that. This is a good post to add here. It generated some interesting comments on Whaleshares.