Exclusive Community Posting Broken


In my last post in community feedback, I stated that the follow function was broken, as it was impossible to follow somebody from within communities. Also I stated that it would be nice if we could have menus instead of a feed with all communities mixed in, and also if the whole 'hive' thing could be changed to the name of the community.

Well I'm pleased to see that the follow function was quickly fixed and I can access a menu with my communities a lot easier, so thank you communities team!

However I noticed that now when I post to my community, my post automatically appears on my Steemit blog page without me resteeming it first.

I think this is a very important function, and I'm sure it was broken by accident, probably during some kind of code update. So I humbly request that you bring it back.

Also, please keep working on changing the 'posted in hive_xxxxxxxx to the name of the community. The tags are now getting ruined on Steemit. Any outsider who has never heard of steemit before, will look at the most popular tags and not know what the hell hive_xxxxxxx means. Even for regular users it is impossible to know which hive is which.

I mean, even if we could change it from hive_xxxxxxx to community_xxxxxxxx it would be a start!

Anyway, keep up the good work boys and girls!!


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Those are some great points @cryptogee

Especially the one with hive-..... as a tag.

Cheers, Piotr

where do you even find the tags? I feel the "communities are the new tags". I can't find them anymore.