I Bank Receive from 1% to 4% daily on your account balance!


The iBank application calculates daily profit for keeping funds in your account, while there is no need to order a bank card or make a deposit with freezing funds, your capital is always available for use.
Every modern person has a bank card or account in a payment system, banks actively compete with each other offering the best conditions: cashback, bonuses, accrual on the balance, in general, they attract you to keep the funds with them, and the bank financiers at this time earn enormous profits using your money.

iBank - breaks stereotypes and honestly shares profits with its clients, charging every day from 1% to 4% on your account balance for the use of funds.

At the same time, iBank does not freeze your funds, money is always available for use, you can make a purchase, withdraw cash or transfer to another account.
Balance management
Replenish your iBank account in a convenient way for you, replenishment through bank cards or payment systems without commissions, all financial transactions are carried out in dollars according to the exchange rate. After replenishing your account every day, 7 days a week, from 18:00 - 22:00 Moscow time after the end of the trading day, you will be credited with a profit of 1% to 4%.

Save up for your own purposes
You can plan your expenses in advance, for example, if you need to purchase a vacation ticket, put a few thousand rubles on your balance, and in two or three months you will have an accumulated amount for your vacation, without loans and long savings.
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