Personal feed page for mobile website



I primarily use my phone to interact with the steem blockchain. The new communities functionality is amazing, but I have to manually type in my @sepracore/feed to get to my feed page. Previously, there was a button I could click to easily get there. Am I missing it? If not, it should be added somewhere so users can easily get to their feed page.

Thanks! Communities is awesome. Good work.

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I am guessing you are using Steemit, right? If so, you can get to your feed of people you follow by selecting My Friends. On mobile this should be a dropdown selection (My Communities is selected by default). And I agree it's not intuitive how it is currently.


Ah. Thanks. I swear that wasn’t there before but it must have been. That is not very straightforward. Thanks for your help.

This was fixed about a week ago. Is it working reliably now?


Thanks for checking in about this as well as all your hard work on communities.

I can find my feed (my friends) now, but in my opinion, it is still a little more difficult to get to than is ideal since “my friends” are likely the posts I care about the most. On mobile at the moment, I have to click profile, communities, select a community, then scroll to my friends.

Since these are the posts I care about the most (and possibly others as well) it would be nice if they were the more default page. I believe that was how it was in the past.

I am not sure the best way to do that. Maybe have an option under profile called “my friends” or maybe add “my friends” as a community subscription button? Something like that would help in my opinion.

Thanks again for all you do.