Walk with me; Show me your childhood games.

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Hello fellow steemians and wonderful members of the the @walkwithme community.

I am Ebuahsang from Cameroon and a member of steemit Cameroon as of 5 days ago. I will first of all wish to thank the author of this contest, @lidiasteem for this wonderful contest " show me your childhood games".

The contest has brought so much lovely games to my mind, wonderful and amazing games.

I have seen a couple of steemians on this community post about video games and others. That's is really wonderful and I love that the got those experience. But according to my age which is 28years, I will be sharing a game that is hardly digital.

Fellow steemians, allow me introduce you to Tapala.
This is a game played in the 1990s in cameroon especially the North West region which is also the English speaking region of cameroon.

In the 1990s, the game TAPALA was one of the most played games in Africa. This particular game got so much attention in those days because Cameroon is a Low and Middle income countries. In the 1990s, most household in Africa especially Cameroon had little or no technology, so we turned to manual games like Tapala, sissor, war man etc

What is Tapala.
Tapala is a game that was played by youths and children in the 1990s. This games was drawn on the ground, it involves 8 rectangular box and each box was called a class. The players were expected to jump on each class with just one leg.
At the end of the 8 rectangular, a semi Circle was drawn. This circle was called the university, it was expected that when a player Successful gets through this classes, he gets to the university and plays to get the class/rectangular.

The more class you got, the more you were close to winning. This was an awesome game and i loved playing it in my youth. I am sure members of @steemcameroon can adhere to the feelings

Thank you alot @lidiasteem for creating this contest, I just went through memory lane and it was a great ride

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