CONTEST RESULTS: Walk With Me tells about your pet that has died or lost

4개월 전


First, I apologize to all of Steemian's friends, especially the participants of the Walk With Me contest who have been waiting for the announcement of the results of the contest for a long time.

And I apologize for the delay in posting the winning results because the last few days I have experienced bad conditions. Since my cat disappeared and also 2 of my ferrets, which suddenly died, I had a fever for a few days so I had to go to the hospital.

And to all the participants who have entered the contest I thank you very much and now I will announce the announcement of the winners of this contest.

Prizes that will be won 25 Steem

1st Prize - 10 Steem

Entry :

2nd Prize - 8 Steem


3rd Prize - 7 Steem


Congratulations to the winners ....And Prizes have been sent to each winner! 😊

For the next contest I'll post tomorrow

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Mantap sekali @lidiasteem

Semoga kedepan lebih berwarna komunitas #walkwithme 👍👍

Thank you very much for the winners and the prizes. How is your health now? Are you okay?


now it's much better, I've been to the doctor ..

I love your photos
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