Contest results : Walkwithme Show Me Your Childhood Game

5개월 전

Previously, I would like to thank all the participants who have taken part in the contest. Maybe the number of participants is very small, even though by joining the contest you can get a chance to get Steem.

So, this time I will announce the winners of the Walkwithme Show Me Your Childhood Game contest. Actually I am a little sorry, because I just saw that this contest has already been organized by other users, but 100% I don't know about it.

The number of all participants who enter the contest is 5 people and I will choose 3 winners to get Steem as promised.

1st Prize - 10 Steem



2nd Prize - 8 Steem


Entry :


3rd Prize - 7 Steem


Entry :


Honorable Mention

2 Steem As a gift

Entfy :

I congratulate the winners of this contest and I will transfer your Steem


Once again I congratulate the winners ..

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OMG. thankyou so so much @lidiasteem. I'm supper excited. Thankyou for this awesome experience and also bringing back memories as such.I'm greatful ma'am


Yeah ...congratulations 😊

Thank you, Looking forward to more contests like this


Your welcome 😉

Gracias , me gustó este concurso

Thank you ma

Love you lidiasteem❤

Luar biasa contesnya @lidiasteem.
Semoga di lain kesempatan saya bisa mengikutinya.