Walkwithme Contest • Show me your childhood games•

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Every person who has gone through his childhood and he is growing up or even old must have a memory that reminds him of childhood. Including a game or toy that someone played in his childhood.

There are various types of games, including traditional games that we often played as a child. At a time when times have changed, I invite you to remember the nostalgia of the games we played with other children in childhood.

Now, in this contest I want you to show me your game in your childhood. Whatever it is, it doesn't matter like traditional games or something. You can tell about the games you often played in your childhood when you played with your friends.

Prizes that will be won 25Steem
1st Prize - 10 Steem
2nd Prize - 8 Steem
3rd Prize - 7 Steem

The rules

  • Subscribe to the Walkwithme community
  • Any language
  • Posts must be in the #Walkwithme community.
  • More than 150 words and tell me your game in childhood
  • Show me a picture of the game or toy
  • Resteem this post so more people will know.
  • Mention me in your posts so I can easily see.
  • Post your link in the comments.
    Use the first tag #walkwithme , #contest #Childhood-games and your country (ex. Indonesia).
    The contest takes place after this post is published and will end on the date (Mei 09-2021)

Wish you to be a winner !!

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What a wonderful contest can’t wait to participate


Thank you 😉


I’ve submitted my entry the link is in the comment section

I hope one day I can take part in this noble contest. if there is a contest like this, it is not impossible that someday this steemit will develop more rapidly.

Thanks you @lidiasteem


yeah, thank you ... 😉

Oh wow. Another opportunity. I love this one. Thankyou ma'am