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The whole situation was very strange, and to be honest - this was the strangest protests that I have ever seen, and in the Balkans we had countless protests.

First, the majority of the people never arrived to the Capitol?!

Second, there were no lines of police set to defend the place. If there was the fence, then fence should be protected. Lawn is excellent to shoot tear gas and they could keep resisting for a long time.

Who was in the front of the protest? I can't recall any protest that would have rioters in front of the crowd. It's really simple: leaders take some flag, their leaders are in the front and... Those ahead are - not their. Police is escorting the protest, like Proud Boys were doing, and again, those ahead are of the wrong kind.

Once the crowd entered the building, 99% of them were just tourists.

Regarding the shooting, why on earth storming guards with pointed guns?!

Finally, what was the point of that protest?

To gather around the building and... Just stand there? Provoke the police? Hold the ground in defiance? Test the command obedience?

Regarding the Republican Party, shame on them for not organizing the logistics. Not having the buses, coordinated protests, not controlling the unions - amateurism.

Milosevic started with professional protesters back in 1985, during turmoil against other communists.

Today, everything is pro:

  • obligation to spam social networks for party members
  • who provides votes and how many
  • providing buses and cars
  • all the material, flags, transparent
  • water, sandwiches, all provided...

Kudos for Patriots who organized everything by themselves and again, shame on GOP for not having a clue or not be willing to provide help