Starfruit Wuluh Fruit Rich in Benefits

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Today I will discuss about the star fruit wuluh. Starfruit is a fruit that is included in the category of cooking spices, because it is widely used for cooking. However, before being used as a cooking gravy, first starfruit must go through a long process. First we pick the star fruit, we choose the ripe fruit, after that we dry the star fruit in the sun.


This drying process can take approximately one week, depending on the weather. If it's the rainy season, the process can take a long time, but if the weather is hot for a whole week, then the starfruit drying process can be faster.


If it is dry, the star fruit will shrink and it is called star fruit wuluh again, but sunti acid. Well, sunti acid is what we use in cooking spices, usually for sour keu eung sauce it requires a lot of sunti acid.

That's my story about the star fruit wuluh which is processed into sunti acid. Hopefully useful, thank you.

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