Mega STEEM gossip: What happened to @fyrstikken and his gang? (Hint: Living in his mothers basement)

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So @fyrstikken I meet after being invited to his STEEMSPEAK chat... at the time it was mostly @mughat , @whatsup and @walden that dominated his chat gang...

but what happened to @fyrstikken =??

Well apparently he powered down both his steem accounts @fyrstikken and @first-witness or something like that... rumor has it that he fleet Peru, where he has been living with his wife for the time I have had contact with him... he tried to sell all his drugs but was too afraid of the local cartels so had to give away to some junkies before he flew to Thailand in a pursuit of a new life with sex, drugs and rock'n'roll... Apparently he had visa problems in Thailand and he got banned from walking street so, next stop was Russia where he only stayed a few weeks and then got in trouble with the mafia....

So what could he do now???

Well he ran out of fiat money, he only had money for one more flight... so he took off to Norway, to the city where he was born.... and since he spend so much money on sex, drugs and rock'n'roll he ended up living in his mothers basement, where he is currently trying to get back to life ... but was too embarrassed to share this with his internet following...

I got the information from Interpol, who double confirmed that all is valid!!

One thing is for sure, the STEEMSPEAK gang of @fyrstikken imploded... and the voting bots got destroyed by a HF.

@fyrstikken , dont be embarrassed, come back online and play with us!!!

Stay Blessed

Lassie the dog :)...

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Dang, I don't think anyone wants to come back if their dirty laundry has been aired like that, ouch!


Have you considered the possibility that there are sarcasm in the post?

Its a mix of fact and fiction...


Lol I could but I don't know either of you to be able to make that sort of judgement call


Well @fyrstikken was a controversial figure... he deserve some throwback

Is this true? He was such inspiration for me back in 2016-2017


5K LASSECASH upvote, welcome to the LASSECASH tribe my brother.