I am sad to inform the community that the CANNA Collective token project is now over. In an unforeseen chain of events we have come to a serious dead end and must halt or end the project effective immediately. The reasons are as follows:

1) All auto-voting service has been suspended or stopped entirely. At first we were running this project off and they shut down after the recent STEEM drama. We then migrated quickly to, which also shut down within the past couple of days. This leaves us with no clear alternative at this time.

2) Lack of support and interest from the community. When I first started this project things were going amazingly smooth and everybody was happy. Then we started to have an escalation of chain-based drama which has resulted in the fallout from both side. Without the support and help I need I am unable to continue in good faith.

3) Counterparty risks. No explanation needed here.

Steem-engine is still fully operational so we intend to continue the token buyback program to allow everybody to safely and effectively sell back their CANNA tokens at the market. Please power down any staked tokens (48 hr powerdown) and sell them within the next month or so. I am in the process of freeing up funds to allow the repurchase of ALL existing tokens!

It is not clear whether this project will continue on the other side (H), but as for now we have zero intention of this happening.

Thank you for understanding and I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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Liebe Grüße




When one door closes another one opens my friend :) Thank you for stopping by to read the post.


that for sure..

have a nice day :)


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