Lonely and painful

2년 전

Will it be hard? Oh, yes, it will.

It’ll be tough, lonely and painful.

There will be more dark days than bright ones. There will be constant judgement on everything you do and no dearth of those waiting to write you off or predict your imminent downfall.
There will be many skeptics, naysayers, critics and bystanders on the way, scrutinising your every move.
You will cry many times.
And even when you do that, you will be called “emotional” and not tough enough to build a business.
But live it all, experience it all, because only then will you build something that is uniquely you.
Only then will you find your very own true inner joy and peace that will be unshakeable.
Only then will you be able to mute out the unwanted noise.
Only then will you create something that will resonate with all those who matter and will give you and many others lasting joy.

And then you would have lived it all... and developed an illuminating heart muscle and, most likely, a sense of humour too.

It will definitely be worth it.❤️


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