Presenting a new community, Steem Men’s Club!

28일 전


After few weeks of being part of Steemit, we as a small team are excited to announce that we are starting a new community, Steem Men’s Club!

We are thrilled to announce that we start a new journey, with many interesting things ahead of us. We have created Steem Men’s Club, a community that will express itself in many different ways, that will be sharing quality contents. Anything related to the lifestyle of Men in general, tips, experiences, growth hacks, mentorship, sports, wearing, products, anything positive to read about!


Three main goals of this community will be to Socialize, so users of the community will create a network with each other, through different online meetings, in Discord channel, will make friendships. Socializing users will exchange opinions, thoughts, ideas etc with each other. Also they will share their life experiences with each other, with content on Steemit and son on.

We aim to create a community that we can learn from each other, share with each other, create different connections, exchange different opinions about anything that would be worth reading about. Together we will boost each other in many ways. We are aiming to grow every-day steady but in a guaranteed way. Those are our objectives in general.

We will be working hard to achieve our objectives and promise to bring qualitative work, with equity and equality.


During this time of growth continuously we will invest our time, we will make an investment with our own Steem Power to greatest contents, also we would expect any help that would make users of this community happier.

Moreover, we will be active in Social Media Marketing, on different platforms sharing content created on Steemit also with the outsiders, people that will be following Social Media of Steem Men’s Club, so people may know about Steemit Platform and be part of it. We want to mention that we have friends in our team that are experts in this field.

One of our goals is to create a website as a blog and share the content directly into the website. We will be working on the SEO of a website, to be ranked well, so people may pay a visit to the website. One part of the blog will be basics of Steemit, so a new user will be able to learn the basic steps easier.

We are planning on organizing different contests, events, with different prize pools, as long as we would find sponsors, at the same time we will be looking to increase our SP so we can curate the best contents that deserve to be curated in a fair way. Our aim is to create a social community, so great contents will be rewarded.

For every announcement we will be posting in the official account @steemmensclub , make sure you are following main account. We will look forward to increase SP of this account so we can curate best contents.

Give us your feedback, thoughts in the comment section;

I appreciate my colleague @shadervan for his help on this journey.


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Hola Amigo @okanbey, excelente iniciativa felicitaciones por este nuevo Proyecto estare atento a las nuevas noticias sigue adelante.

#onepercent #affable #venezuela.

Hello @okanbey congratulations! I believe you will achieve the success.


Oh, thank you very much.

I believe that this community you have created will reach general audiences.I would like to announce that we are together on this road. I am pleased to announce that we will support all kinds of activities 🙏 good luck @okanbey


Thank you so much for your good thoughts! Of course, we are open to cooperation.

Thank you for creating this cool community.


Thank you too

Congratulations! I hope you will achieve the success you want.


Thank you very much

congratulations, good luck. I believe good things will turn out :)


Thank you! It's nice to see you among us.

Por fin una comunidad para nosotros, estaremos activos por aquí, soy de Venezuela un abrazo para todos


Thank you so much! Big greetings to Venezuela. I am happy that you are here.

First of all, such a platform is required for my husband. In this way, he can share his articles on social media.


Yes, definitely. everything will be fine ..

It's like a community with high quality posts. It can make a lot of noise when goals are achieved. Success is a project.


long term, we work for our goals. Thanks.

hello @okanbey this community is what i was looking for really! thank you soo much! i am impatient to join activities here.


Our activities will start soon. thanks!

yeahhh nice thats Amazing.!!


it will be even more amazing, Thanks!

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I'll start posting some of my home improvement projects there


Oh good news! Good luck..

great initiative @okanbey,
I think is now time to challenge the women club.

More contest, more contest and more contest


Thank you so much! Our contests will start soon.

Wow... I'm very happy for this community.. I have always looked forward for this great family where I can freely express myself... Thanks @okanbey, @pennsif, @shadervan


Welcome to the club. We will share beautiful together.

I congratulate you with all my heart. I hope your community will do a great job as soon as possible.

Already great things are happening in Steemit but soon even better things will be happening! I am glad to be part of this journey. For sure together we will do great things, we will grow this community and reach our objectives.


It will be really great to do good things together!

Congratulations on this start, count on my support