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The season two week four topic of the steem4nigeria is really a great one and I feel compelled to drop an entry also. In the course of the article, I will be doing my best to answer the questions that the community has asked. continue reading to see how each question would be done justice to:
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Question 1: How well is Steemit known in your Country? Do you think it's popular enough or there is a need for more publicity?

I reside in Nigeria as of the time of writing and I must confess that one in ten thousand people has heard about the steemit platform in Lagos state. Lagos state represents just a state out of the 36 other states in Nigeria. I can confidently state that Lagos represents the best and the most enlightened state in Nigeria.

In that regard, I will say that steemit is not yet widely known in my country Nigeria. This doesn't mean that the platform is not quite porpiular among some sections of crypto enthusiasts. More than 2/3 of the Nigerian population is oblivious to the concept of cryptocurrency.

So my opinion, in summary, is that Steemit is not popular enough in Lagos, talkless of Nigeria as a whole country.

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Question 2: What are the ways you think the promotion of Steemit can be more effective in your Country? This can include special projects you have in mind.

Best to achieve popularity and awareness, The Nigerian members on the steemit platform could set up a physical and virtual workshop to preach the gospel of steemit. This awareness section will entail how to use the steemit platform and how to navigate the platform as well. The advantage and disadvantages of using this platform will be further discussed also. This way, a lot more adoption will be underway without stress.

The theme of this workshop should be to inform writers, artists, painters, worked world artists, programmers, and a whole lot of the technical and creative minds in the country to be aware of this groundbreaking technology. The avenue to create this awareness is to be through:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Whatsapp
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Question 3: Do you think Steemit would be adopted more in your country if the points you listed above are implemented?

These methods discussed above will effectively work when the Nigerian creative community is been targetted on these social media platforms. The Whatsapp platform most especially will provide a personal touch as it encourages a one-on-one avenue for easier communication. The other social media provides a great to create awareness for the steemit platform but the average Nigerian makes use of Whatsapp more.

Hence, I believe that the plan will work out.

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How have you contributed your quota to the development of Steemit in your community?

In my own little way, I have tried to run a steemit community which was unsuccessful as I had a lot of other things going on at the time of the creation of the community. Also, I have invited people to also join the platform but most end up leaving as I can't guarantee them upvotes on their quality content. Even I can't guarantee my post earning upvotes because votes are not guaranteed on the platform.

I invite @tfame3865, @dgalan and @qsyal

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Nigerians are one of the nationalities with the largest presence on Steemit.

You have made excellent proposals to spread the platform in your nation. Holding workshops to instruct new users would be valuable for promoting the benefits of Steemit.


I feel that also but we need more Nigerians to join as steemit presents the best side hustle in my own opinion.

I see you’ve done in quite a number of promotion putting your ideas/suggestion to promote steemit i bet we will have a guaranteed success
The need to keep promoting steemit is evident


Thanks for the word of encouragement


You are welcome

Yes, social media is typically a way to boost and promote the steemit platform. With social media more people will get to know about the platform as they get to see it on various users page and walls. You have done well.


The audience of numerous social media pages makes them the go place to recruit users for the steemit platform. any day and any time


That is so right my brother. Greetings!

Thank you, @lebey1 for joining the contest in our community today.

You have written about steemit in you country and you have also gone a long way in listing ways in which the platform can be promoted in your country. Social media are almost the perfect ways to promote the platform. I wish you success on this contest. Steem On!

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Thanks for the rating. Guess i have to work much more better on the quality aspect of my work

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Thanks for the support

Hello @lebey1 friend, I think that Steemit has been very well promoted in Nigeria, and the promotion through social networks that you are carrying out shows that they have been successful, by the way that also in Venezuela Whatsapp is the favorite social network and the whatsapp groups of steemians are great .


WhatsApp provides a more hands-on approach as communication is much smoother and it has features like voice calls and WhatsApp calls.

What I've noticed is that there are a lot of Nigerian users on this steem platform. I love the Steemit platform a lot and I share it with my acquaintances. You have also shared with us today several means of sharing. I really like your post.


i do not understand what you said but thanks for stopping by

My dear the word vote are not guaranteed got me. You know people feel bad in a sense that after they have suffer and write and at the end no vote so is not encouraging, so I believe in the aspect of vote the Steemit team should look into it. At least if someone drop like 7 post in a week a good vote should be on 1 or 2 post and with that the happiness will show


well, I must confess that we are all suffering from this. I haven't gotten a vote from the steemit team in over 2 weeks now and when I am tired, I will let go and seek greener pasture elsewhere.. that's how life is.


You don't have to lose hope, keep on trying


sure.. Thank you


Yes these are very popular social media platforms and with their help we can make steemit very popular and we have seen that people become famous with t help of these social media in less then no time. And if we pormote steemit through social media like twitter, facebook and instagram etc then it will be very good. I'm glad to read your post. You've come up with some great ways to make steemit famous. At last, please visit my post about this contest also. I uploaded it 2 days ago I hope you will visit.

Greetings 🇵🇰


I will visit. Thanks for noting how these social media platforms will further boost engagement and also bring in new users to the steemit platform.


You are welcome i am waiting friend.

Hello friend, it was nice reading your post, its great to see the motivation you have for steemit and your wish to promote it to the entire nation. We all contribute in our little ways and if we continue with much intense effort we will be able to meet our goals, as they say, little drops make an ocean.


Thank you for the comment. I appreciate

In that regard, I will say that this steemit is not yet widely known in my country Nigeria

When you put it in this way, steemit is not known in Nigeria . As you say that Lagos is the most enlightened state in Nigeria and this means that a lot of the users should be coming from there . So if a lot of users are not there it means that less people are also elsewhere

physical and virtual workshop to preach the gospel of steemit.

These kinds of things helps to get a lot of people on board. As you say you stay in Lagos I am sure Lagos is very busy thus it might be difficult to get people to stand and listen to you at times. But when you do their virtually it is easier and simpler and the nice part is that you will do it at the comfort of your home .

Social media influence will definitely play a big part in the promotion of steemit. Through these apps you can run adds where informations of how to join steemit will be available.

but most end up leaving as I can't guarantee them upvotes on their quality content

That’s sad to hear. I have also had a few people leave because of upvotes. But sometimes I think the mistake we make is that we promise them that they will get huge upvotes when they come and they immediately expect it. I think we should come clean and tell them when they work hard they will get the upvotes , even though it might take a while but in the long run they willl have the last laugh.


well, I feel for users who leave after making quality post for weeks and nothing is coming in. Everyone on the platform is here to accumulate wealth and if that is not been achieved then one has to move on.

Your suggestions are ideal and I also agree that if steemit is being put in full force into those social media platforms listed above, it will be the trending talk in Nigeria.

Thanks for sharing your point of view and success to you!


Thanks, for stopping bye

Setting up a workshop for promoting steem is a very nice idea my dear friend. And other social media you mentioned it will difinatly go a long way in promoting steem in Nigeria.

You have written so well about the topic and I wish you all the best.


Thanks for the recommedation. I appreciate


You are welcome 😊

This is a great thing to see that you have shown the difference way in which you can promote steem in you community and at large and I believe every country is facing that problem of less steemian into the platform and as time goes by I think the population will gradually increase

Yeah, I understand,most times the newbies do not have patience to keep writing and waiting to be upvoted, but every successful ventures in life need some elements of patience and hard work, if only they can be a little more patient, they will be happier then benefit, just keep encouraging them, thank for sharing.