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Hello guys,
I welcome you all once again to my blog today. We are still in season 2 of the engagement challenge. This happens to be the third week of the program and I am so delighted to be in participating in this week's challenge where I will be promoting a recipe that is peculiar to my country Nigeria. This blog will carry the procedure I used in making this meal so stay tuned and read till the end as you learn.

What is that Special recipe peculiar to your country? It could be special drinks, desserts, or any other delicacy.

There are many recipes peculiar to my country Nigeria but for the sake of this contest today, I will be discussing a very special delicacy called coconut rice. As the name suggests, coconut rice is a type of rice preparation where we use coconut milk to prepare it. Nigerians are known to be one of the highest producers of coconut because every part of the country is suitable for its planting.

Since this coconut are been produced here, the people of Nigeria decided to utilise it in making their delicacy. They use the milk from the coconut to prepare the food instead of using the normal water. I will be explaining extensively in this article how one can be able to pre for this delicacy in his or her own home as well. So stay with me as we journey through it together.

Is there any history attached to it? Explain.

Coconut rice is one of the Nigerian recipes that have a foreign origin. Coconut rice is believed to have started in South Asia and some regions of Latin America. These places are also regions that have lots of coconut trees as well. The rice is prepared by using the milk from the coconut instead of using the normal water we use in the preparation of our food. This will give the food some good coconut flavour and makes it very rich.

When most of these foreign people came to Africa and Nigeria to be precise, they saw a lot of coconuts as well and then they also used them in making their rice. This went a long way in educating the native people of Nigeria on the usefulness of coconut milk in the rice they cook. Since the coconut is not imported from outside, it became one of the recipes that Nigerians started using in preparing their delicacy.

Do you think you can do without taking them for some time?

Yes, I can do without taking coconut rice for some time. Coconut rice is like any other food to be the only difference is the milk flavour and the richness of the food. There are other food lists I can take in the absence of coconut rice. As a matter of fact, in the list menu, coconut rice is among which can be substituted with any other food menu. So I can do without taking the coconut rice for some time and it won't have any side effects on me.

How is it prepared? Show us the steps required for its preparation or you can buy from a restaurant and promote the business.

The steps for preparing coconut rice have been made even easier compared to the previous ways we prepare it. We have an alternative today for those who are not able to get coconut easily when they want to prepare their food. The coconut milk has been processed and packaged in a sachet and a tone can get it from the market. In this tutorial, I wi be using thr sachet of coconut milk to prepare my food.

The ingredient I used in preparing my coconut rice and the procedure is seen below.



ItemsAmountSteem equivalent
Sachet tomatoes1501.2
Groundnut oil--

Note: The items without a price are items I have already at home so I didn't buy them.

Procedure to prepare it

Step 1: Slice your onions and then put your pot on fire then add the quantity of groundnut oil that will be sufficient for you.


Step 2: Add the sliced onions to the groundnut oil inside the pot


Step 3: Add your tomatoes and fry very well


Step 4: Add all other ingredients like Maggie, salt, and pepper and then add a little water


Step 5: Wash your rice/egg and then add it to the pot and then stir it also add the emma I.e the coconut flavour and stir it until it is properly mixed.


Step 6: Allow it to cook and then you are done. Here is the end product of my food.


What are your recommendations for others about this food

Sincerely, the food is very delicious and it is also nutritious. We know the importance of coconut to our health and body. It gives you better Oral health and makes your teeth more healthy and strong. I recommend that we take this food once a while because it helps to burn fat and keeps us very fit and healthy all the time. I enjoy the flavour attached to the food and even if I don't have money for meat I can enjoy eating the food because of the flavour.


I want to believe that the steps listed above are simple and that anyone anywhere can easily prepare his/her coconut rice at home. I want you to try it too. I invite @goodybest, @yakspeace and @mato22 to also join this contest.

Best regards;

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Coconut rice!! Something I’ve never had before but I have always heard people talk about it and how delicious it takes.

Maybe this is because I don’t also know how to prepare it 😂.

Now with this recipe of yours I will surely cook it at home. I only hope it leaves up to its full hype.


Thanks my friend for stopping by, your comment on this post is highly appreciated. Sure with the few steps you can make it at home.

Greetings and blessings my dear friend, am familiar with the coconut rice, it has a coconut sweet taste when properly cooked as you have highlighted, the process of cooking this food is easy.
As you have recommended, am thinking of making such delicacy right now as it has been long i tasted it,
Good luck


Thanks my friend for stopping by, your comment on this post is highly appreciated.


You are welcome

Thank you, @simonnwigwe for joining the contest in our community today.

African coconut rice is a food that is seen in every Nigerian home, children favourite, thank you for sharing this recipe with us, I will try out this recipe of adding tomatoe to it but I need egg 🥚 transfer the egg to me from here😋🤗

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Thank you for the review my friend. Your egg wilm be sent to you via blockchain 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪


Hahahaha😎🤗 I'm waiting

You have given us a great review of Nigerian Coconut Rice.

This is a dish that is present in various regions globally, but in your country they have given it a unique touch in its preparation, adding various species to season it.

Thank you for presenting us with an excellent tutorial to prepare this dish; it looks very appetizing.

Successes in the contest.


Thanks my friend for stopping by, your comment on this post is highly appreciated.

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Coconut rice, is very delicious I hope you will send my own share 😋😋 you have explained the steps so well and it's easy to learn. Thank you for sharing this delicious meal with us.


Thank you so much my friend for stopping by, your comment on this post is highly appreciated.


You are welcome 😊

I have eaten coconut rice a few times although I have not cooked it myself before. You have shared with us steps by steps on how it's been prepared and I hope you enjoyed your meal. I wish you the best in the contest.


Thanks my friend for stopping by, your comment on this post is highly appreciated.

I thought coconut rice was food for the Asians, never knew it was a food for my neighboring country Nigeria. I will love to try this someday.


Yes my brother its a food for we Nigerians and i guess you should try it because you will definitely love it. Thanks for your support and contribution my friend.

With the various step involved in cooking this your jealous rice but I must recommend.that yours good cook.
It nice reding through your contest and thank for sharing for I really appreciate

Coconut rice is a very common food in this world and it is often made for breakfast in our country. It is also available in every part of our country Pakistan. Nice to hear from you that you make it with milk. I looks so yummy. Can you share it with me. Hahahah 🤣🤣.... Thanks for sharing this delicious coconut rice recipe with us. I look forward to your engagement with me on my recpie post. I hope you will visit.

Greetings 🇵🇰


Thank you my friend for visiting my blog. Indeed coconut rice is nice and most country use it.

You have shared with us today an excellent recipe with eggs, rice, onions and more other ingredients. In our country too, it is cooked in this way. You have beautifully presented this post to us today. The post looked great, and the recipe seemed to be a lot tastier to eat.