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Hi guys,
I welcome you all once again to my blog today. I will be using this opportunity to discuss with you all how I spent my entire day. Like always every day has its activities and today is not an exception because today too is very hectic. Today happens to be my day of curation with the SC04 account under the efficient seven curation team for June.

Since I knew how this day is always stressful for me, I decided to plan ahead of time so that I ensure I don't live any stone unturned. Based on this arrangement, I decided to wake up as early as 3:15 am today and then I took a few minutes to say my prayers immediately after I finished saying my prayers, I decided to start writing one of the engagement contests because I have already promised myself to always drop at least one post daily. And since I don't want to be left out of the engagement, I decide to write the engagement post early.


The curation work today was quite a success because I was able to see a lot of quality posts that met the required criteria hence it was easy for me to vote on them all. Tuesdays are usually the days we make our weekly report so I had to ensure I cover all the posts that are left uncurated and also select the best pick for the week.

I have been indoors all through the day because I have to ensure I check the posts one after the other before voting on them. I was unable to prepare food for today so what I did was I went out at noon to take a can of Miranda and biscuit. I was not hungry though I just felt I should have something in my stomach. So the image below is the snack I took as my launch.


I was able to curate several reasonable articles, so I decided to take a break and go out a little. As I walk towards the street close to my house, I spotted a point where they sell pork meat. So I decided to visit it. Since I have already made up my mind that on this faithful day I will not be cooking, I decided to purchase some meat and I ate it with minerals I got satisfied and then I return home to continue the curation work.



Today is very nice for me because I did all that is required of me as a curator and I was also able to publish my article on the engagement. After eating I still went back to my room and did more curation after that I hurriedly decided to pen down this article.

Cc: @simonnwigwe

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