THE DIARY GAME | How My Sunday Went (26 - 06 - 2022) [#burnsteem25]

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Ladies and gentlemen,
It is a great pleasure on my part on this day to write about how I spent my day. Today happens to be Sunday the 26th of June 2022. My entire day began in this manner. I woke up today as early as 3:00 am and then as it is in my custom, I decided to say my morning prayers and then I also tried reading other people's articles as I go through my blog on the steemit platform.


Since it is a Sunday and I have to attend morning mass, I decided to study till about 5:30 am then I took my bath and went for mass which started at exactly 6:00 am. The mass ended at about 8:00 am then I came back home and then I rested for some hours. I took a nap which lasted for about 3 hours because I was so exhausted. When I woke up, I was so famished that I hurriedly decide to look for something and eat.

Unfortunately, the ingredient needed for the food was not available so I decided to go to the market and get the necessary. I took about a few minutes to the market today because the entire place is choked up and many sellers were not available but a lot of buyers were present. The images below show a few of the snapshots I took in the market.



I arrived home at about 1:00 pm then I decided to make spaghetti. The cooking took a little time because I was also attending to my friends who came around for a visit. It took about an hour and 30 minutes to prepare the food and when I was done, I decided to dish out some for myself. The image of the food can be seen below.


Immediately after I finished eating, I decided to rest and go through my blog once again. I took some time to read and comment on other people's articles. Cause of that, a friend of mine from the school I graduated from called me and asked me to please help her and make payment of her school fees as the deadline that will lead to extra payment will begin tomorrow. Immediately I abandoned everything I was doing and then hurriedly made the payment for her. It was not too easy though because the network was pretty bad. The image of my system as I carry out this task is seen below.


I finished the payment of the fee as well as the course registration at about 5:00 pm. After that, I decided to go through my blog for a while and then I also resolved to pen down my diary for the day. So I took some time out to write this and after which I went back to my blog to check if there are still more active posts awaiting review for both the steem4nigeria community and the steemit travel community where I am MOD in both.


It is a quite interesting day filled with lots of activities. I am so happy I was able to church and also prepare food for myself and my friends who came around. I am also preparing for the fourth week of the engagement challenge by reading through all the contest that has been released already. This is the last week of the engagement and we do hope it will be more fruitful than the previous. Thank you for reading through my blog.

Cc: @simonnwigwe

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A day we'll spent especially as you were able to attend your mass. Hope you got the scriptural discussion that went on?

I am glad you are able to go to the market and get the stuff for your food. And you even prepared it yourself. That's great. Thanks too for helping your friend with the payment to avoid extra pay. What are friends for. Your day was well spent as I can attest. Kudos. I miss calling you for study as I was down too.

Thank you, @simonnwigwe for sharing your diary today.

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Thank you ma for the review, i was expecting your calls and i couldn't because i don't know you time for worships. I taught you were busy. Sorry fir the health challenge and i wish you speedy and quick recovery.

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