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Greetings friends
It is a pleasure on my part to write to you all this wonderful article today. Formally, I want to appreciate all my friends from this very noble community who have always been very supportive to me throughout June during the curation exercise. I want to also appreciate those who show their support to my team which led to our selection for July.

The Steem4Nigeria community and its members have been very supportive of me and my team since our very first appearance in June as a curation team. It is in this regard that I write to appreciate you all and also to provide a guide which you all will use and get your posts curated by my team.

The Efficient Seven curation team is made up of @suboohi (leader), @waterjoe, @franyeligonzalez, @msharif, @monz122, @rosz and @simonnwigwe. All the steemians listed e came from the different regions across the world. Because of the love for steemit as a platform, we have all come together to work for the growth of the platform.

Joining the club is mandatory

Before you can get a vote from the Efficient Seven curation team, you must be in one of the clubs i.e club5050 or club75 or club100. Aside from your article being steemexclusive, the next thing we check is the club you belong to. We give votes based on your club status as seen below.

#Club5050 post get 40% vote

#club75 post get 50% vote

#club100 post get 60%vote

Other Rules that we consider

Aside from the above-listed guide, a summary of the entire requirement that every user must meet before his/her post will receive a vote is seen below.

  • Only original content with a minimum of 250 words is accepted.
  • All forms of plagiarism are highly prohibited.
  • Your post must be #steemexclusive
  • Only free images are to be used and citations should be given when necessary.
  • The user must be active in #club5050, #club75 or #club100
  • Using of bid bots is not allowed.

Tags use by the Efficient Seven to track content

The table below shows the tags that we use to track all the content we curate. So use these tags in your article based on what you are publishing so that we can easily find it and curate it.


Curation Timetable

The Efficient Seven team uses the UTC for its curation and if for any reason a member is unavoidable absent, he quickly contacts the leader or any available member to cover up for him or her. So we work 247 I.e 24 hours in 7 days. Below is the timetable we have set for our team curation.

DayCuratorTagTime of Upvoting
Monday@suboohi#diy, #art, #creativewriting0:00 UTC/24:00 UTC
Tuesday@rosz#music, #art, #craft0:00 UTC/24:00 UTC
Wednesday@waterjoe#poetry, #creativewriting, #art0:00 UTC/24:00 UTC
Thursday@franyeligonzalez#photography, #art, #craft0:00 UTC/24:00 UTC
Friday@simonnwigwe#creativewriting, #poetry, #art0:00 UTC/24:00 UTC
Saturday@monz122#craft, #diy, #photography0:00 UTC/24:00 UTC
Sunday@msharif#creativity, #creativewriting, #photography0:00 UTC/24:00 UTC

For more information about the team guideline, I will recommend you read through the original post made by my leader in the link below.


The guide given above is what the efficient seven curation team is working with. Ensure you know all the tags we use and make your post related to those tags so that you get your article voted by the efficient seven teams. We have capable hands that are willing and ready to curate your article at any point in time so ensure you drop an article free from plagiarism and well structure.

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Great article you have shared. You have done well by availing us the different tags for the community article engagement.

Criteria Remark
Verified user on Steemit
Free of Plagiarism
#Club Club100
Bot free

Thank you boss for reviewing my article.

Nice update
I will be looking towards this direction in my next post


You are welcome, my friend.

Thanks so much for this update. I will participate definitely


You are welcome, my friend.

Thanks so much 😊

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