Local Business - Reviewing The Shop Of A Trader In Iju Market, Lagos State

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On Tuesday, I decided to go to a nearby market to acquire some food that I had been yearning since I became ill. Yeah, the crypto crash has affected my health that's the main reason I'm not that active on the platform.

Since the market I visited was not far from my home, I didn't need to take any mode of transportation to go there; all I had to do was walk from my home.



The Iju market in Ifako, Lagos, is the name of the market I visited, and it is a modest neighborhood market.

They normally hold their market days on Fridays, when products are cheaper, but because it is so crowded, I prefer to go on a normal day which will be less crowded day.

I met a shop owner who has been in operation for more than ten years and sells food and home items.

I didn't inquire about his real name, but he was popularly known as Oga Ibo, if you're in Nigeria especially the Lagos region you'll definitely understand the phrase "Oga Ibo"

When I'm around Iju, I usually buy most of the stuff I need from him since he's really industrious and dedicated to his work; I usually give him N2,00 or N5,00 in change.


  • Bags Of Rice

Bags of rice are the most expensive item in her business; as Nigerians, we consume rice virtually every day, and rice costs are now rather high, ranging from 24,000 naira to 29,000 naira (60-67 dollars) for local type and foreign type respectively.


If I had the funds, I would buy the rice. I'm sure I will, because rice is one of my favorite foods, and the bag will last me for a long time.

  • Cartoon Of Noodles

Well, since it's a food market, a cartoon of noodles is another expensive item in his business, but I adore noodles and that's why I went to the market in the first place, so I think it's lovely.


A carton of noodles now costs 6,000 naira ($10 approx 52.7 STEEM), which is absurd since the price was half that before inflation.


In Nigeria, 100 STEEM which is 19 USD is equals around 11,500 naira (local currency). This sum would buy me a carton of biscuits and a pack of coke, both of which are 3000 naira ($5 each approx 26.3 STEEM).

Furthermore, In this market, 100 STEEM could buy me a bucket of rice and garri (grounded cassava), which would cost 2500 ($4.1 approx 21.6 STEEM) for the garri and 4000 ($6.6 approx 34.7 STEEM) for the rice, depending on the price.


I could also get some milk rolls, soaps, and snacks, which normally cost between N1,500 ($2.5 approx 13.3 STEEM) and N3,000 ($5 approx 26.3 STEEM) depending on the quantity.

Undoubtedly, it wouldn't cover everything I've mentioned here, but I can acquire them piece by section so you get the idea.

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Thank you, @tayetaiwo for joining the contest in our community today. The shop has everything one needs for food and their prices are relatively cheap. Thanks for the review

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