class activities despite lock-down



Not that the lockdown in my nation is lifted totally but the government did ease it anyway. The market is fully opened as market men and women take their stand selling their products with the customer or buyers patronizing them to get their stock with goals needed at home.

Interstate traveling is not allowed except that they can move goals like foodstuff and health stuff; drugs, vaccines, and other health personnel are allowed entrance.

Schools and churches with some big organizations are not yet working as they hold a larger number of participates.

This morning I was surprised when the coordinate of the tutorial center I'm working as a part-time Tutor called me that the class is opened. I had to refuse at first but after much persuasion, I concurred.

On my way to the class, I was pondering on questions like what if those task force come or we get arrested? Finally, I got to the class, to my surprise, the class is filled with students though not the full class as we often have.

What we did today wasn't much, it was a sort of introduction. Getting to know the students and their purpose (the examination they wanted to write).

Today, we only studied literary terms, the figure of speech to be precise; simile, metaphor, and onomatopoeia. The example on the board is for onomatopoeia which is the imitation of the sound of things, objects, or any other abstract elements. E.g 1. the lion roars. 2. The gun blooms. E.t.c.

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