Covid19: lockdown relaxation


There is no gain saying the world has experience greatest turbulence of all time because of the pandemic that has claim more lives, render many jobless, lot of people dying of hunger and global economic crisis it has created.
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The recent market turbulence caused by COVID-19 led to a rush for liquidity, dislocating the short end of the credit markets, particularly commercial paper and short duration structured securities. It also raised liquidity concerns on institutional prime money market funds triggering a government intervention, but the stable value market in general experienced healthy inflows as participants migrated away from equity market volatility.

Though, I'm not really particular about the pandemic sting of all time now because almost everybody felt its negative impact on our daily lives.

Ever since the outbreak of the global epidemic there has been a great reduction in my activities as I couldn't work any longer which I believe is applicable to every other workers except Health workers who serve as god to protect lives of humanity and also military personnel who make sure people abide to the law of stay at home.


Almost all the nations of the world impose this lockdown on their citizens in order to curtail the wide spread of the covid19 pandemic by limited the spread of the virus.

This lockdown has an advantage even though It has a lot of disadvantages

To me, I believe it will aid in building more intimacy in family as the parents are home with their kids unlike before when they have to go for work and children also heading to school. It could also result in healing the broken home as they are together which might make them to address their differences.
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The disadvantages is so enormous as we all know, economic crisis breeding unemployment and crime which has been the other of the day since people are hungry many of whom retort to stealing and robbery.


Yesterday, our president ordered lockdown relaxation in some sector even though it wasn't really a good decision as the number of recorded cases of the covi19 pandemic keep increasing everyday but what to do? People must survive .... I pray and hope that God ease the world distress.

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