Deceitful (poetry)


Like a sweet candy,
We lick lies with pleasure.
And paint our tongues with its colours.
And perpetuate evils with no measure.

Many are disciples of deceit
As they tell more lies to cover deceit.
Oh lies!
What vegetables have you given to man?

Like a lifeless volatile cryptocurrency.
Lies are being spent daily
Even the poor don't need to worry
As getting the lies
to spend don't need a white-collar job.

images - 2020-05-01T114230.189.jpegsource

Oh lies! What kind of palm wine have you served man?
For some don't even remember their lies
I beg you to give them back their hearts

Oh lies! When will you leave this earth?
When will the landlord give you quit notice?
When will you stop eating man's tongue?
When will you return sanity to man?

Lies in all sectors,
As everyone is guilty of it;
Even our faithfulness never devoid lies.

Our justice system resist truth
And uphold lies,
Once you can buy your way;
Justice no longer court.

Lies; you must come to an end,
For sanity to return to man,
For us to uphold hardworking,
For our justice system to function.
For our society to function effectively.

Deceit! Hear me out, your time has come,
End has come to you,
Your power is tame.
You are nothing now but a wild less lion.

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