Perception about life


Life seems abstract, thou plain, it full of ups and downs, excitement and disappointments, grace and disgrace and lot more.

An adage says life is not a bed of roses, there are good times and there are hard times, there is resting time and there are times of hard labor, all are encapsulated in a single colorful and sometimes colorless capsule called life.

Waking up to see the light of new days, we claim to be alive, we jump out of bed and get set for the days work, some wake as early as 4:00am, 5:00am while some leave their bed as late as 7:00am, life, what can be used as a perfect definition of it, life is life, some will say it is absence of death, life is the definition of itself.

In the make-up recognized by Scientists, we say the coordination of three things( water, blood and body) while in the christian domain, the wonderful definition of life exume, life is the coordination realized from the communication among the three by themselves unique personnels(the spirit, soul and body).

From understanding, the soul can also be referred to as the mind, the mind of a life-being, the center of decision, decision to remain alive or decision to die.

The mind determines what kind of life the person will live, the kind of person he or she will be, the level at which he or she will operate in the globe and the words that he or she will utter, the mind they say "is a battle ground".

Psychologist cannot but respect the mind as it serve as the basis of their study and family

The state of the mind

Being happy and elated is the best state of the mind, the state In which an old man can jump up so high even playing football will be normal to him because he is in a state we call the right state of mind.

The state at which myself as a youth can dance without shame to God in a church program for without missing beat, everybody loves it, every individual wants to be at the right state of mind, even a mad man still smiles whenever his or her mind is at the right state, even the sick on the sick bed sings and play with people when at the right state of mind.

Being optimistic seems to be a word for being at a happy state of mind but life occurrences, situations and circumstances has made the exact opposite of happiness to be the order of the day in the nation. image images - 2020-04-26T141151.076.jpeg

Day in day out people die of hunger, series of rational and irrational thinking have clouded the mind of the people of the nation thereby putting the people in a moody state of mind (a dangerous and cancerous state of mind), unknown to the people it crawl in, without permission it crept into the life of people to exert it effect just like infection, more dangerous than cancer itself.

Why are you always mood? when will you ever be happy? Why do we have to worry about so many things when we know death is certain and may come at any Time? These are questions that runs out of people's mouth unconsciously.

The insatiable nature of human has made life even more complex for us.

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