What to do


Recently, a lot has been going on in my mind. I'm depressed, I couldn't say this is what happened to me. Happiness is just far away from me.

I couldn't decide what is it that I want to do, I certainly can't comprehend anything. I felt like some part of me is giving way to anxiety. I couldn't trust myself nor confide in another. I love another, but I hate myself.
I'm not sick physically, but I'm emotionally derail. I just pray this moment could pass. I'm sort of words

I managed to go out today, wanted to visit a friend just to wade away time and possibly quench my unstable mind.

I was afraid to board public transport due to the coronavirus pandemic, I never wanted to die even though I'm emotionally down. I concluded that if there is life then I certainly have hope of getting over the turbulence of life. So I took a motorcycle instead, on my way I noticed people still open their shops selling, I said to myself what is going to happened if a lot of people contracted the disease.


Death is the surest that can ever happen to man, nothing else is certain. I just hope it won't get to that because it will affect everyone of us. Although our governor didn't shut down market totally, he only imposed curfew from dusk to dawn so people can still go about doing their stuff.

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What to do

Sounds like you need a little female companionship. Just remember to wear a raincoat as HIV is a lot worse than the flu. ✌😎


Lol, not really buddy.