Third day working for FTMO, funded account of $ 25,000

4개월 전


The third day was rewarding. The improvement is having its effects. Little by little, my mind recognizes its patterns again and this effect is reflected in the metrics.

However, I am neither confident nor overjoyed at the result. At the beginning of the session I felt a bit of a rush to get in, seeing how the price of the pound was going down. Already in my analysis prior to the session I had seen it. And this is where discipline comes in. I had not started my session when the entry point passed and I was coming from an area where the demand was prominent. Hold the entrance, I told myself.

At that moment I think: calm down. The market opens opportunities at all times. That's how it is. But in the rush of wanting to get in, those opportunities are sometimes missed. And the wait pays off.

The first profit of the day arrives (small, but the first), $ 62. And this is when I say that trading is a practice to know yourself and your own mind. There began the mental sabotage: good operation, but very little profit. If you feel invaded by thoughts that sabotage your operation, take a break and regain control.


And that I did, I took a brief walk, cleared my mind for a moment and continued. Returning to the screens, I see a range of accumulation soon to expand and at that moment everything is as Cartier Bresson describes the aesthetics of photography, a point where everything fits together and every object and person is in their place as if by magic. This is also the case in trading. These are moments where everything becomes clear in the market, we see it, we feel it, and we have to leave our guts there. So it was. So I made an entry that allowed me to bring the account profit to a total of $ 463, with a profit of the day of $ 280.


In trading you are one with yourself and our goal is to do our job well. Faced with the results, I prefer to remain inert and calm, because there is nothing worse in trading than the fury of having won.


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Alejandro Aristeguieta
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Edition: Jesús Lanz - Editor in chief of Aristeguieta Capital.
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