100 days of steem:Day 67 -My local steem promotion plan

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Hello everyone I hope you all are fine and safe from the coronavirus outbreak. This post os my entry for the challenge regarding the plan for promoting the steemit in our locality. I join the steemit community before two years old when my friend tell me about this platform. Till now i have made lot of posts on steemit. I also met lot of peoples in this platform. When friend was promoting steemit platform before two years when in my Kashmir there was only one or two yours on steemit. He work hard and got succeed in promoting steemit. He added almost ten yours to the steemit in my Kashmir. I like the way he was promoting towards the steemit. Still in my Kashmir there are only few peoples how are on the steemit community. In my Kashmir people didn't know about the blockchain even some people didn't know about cryptocurrency. I think the promotion of steemit in my locality is vary vary important so that people can got some benefit and knowledge from this beautiful platform. I always i think about promoting the steemit in my locality but didn't get some support. Now onwards i will do something for promoting this platform in my locality . Following are some ways through which i can promote steem in my locality:

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1) Promoting steem on social media

SOCIAL MEDIA is one of the most easy and effective way through which i can promote steem among the people of my homeland. We know that in this world almost everyone uses social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, instragram and many more.if you make some groups on these apps , and join all of peoples to these groups,then we can give them all the information about the steemit. Essential information that we should give the new users is that monetary profit. If we tell that that you will get rewards i think they will definitely join steemit. I after this post have decided to make one WhatsApp group and Facebook page through which i will give all promote steem. I have made the WhatsApp group BLOCKCHAIN KNOWLEDGE . I will introduce this group to my friends then my friends will introduce this group to their own friends that will create a big bond and then i will start people telling about the steemit.


Conducting people gatherings in my university
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In university everyone is educated if we conduct some gatherings and give the information about the steem to the students i think this will cause a major boost to the steem promotion because educated people can get it quickly . For this i have to firstly met with the head of university for taking the permission to the gathering, i hope he will give me the permission about this. Then we have to select some specific place for this gathering. For this gathering i will have some public advertisement on notice boards of university. Also we have to decorate this place with the banner's of steem so that people can get attracted towards this gatherings. Then one important that i need one member of steemit who have much information about the steemit so that he will give some speech about the steemit. I think we can promote the steemit my this way . This idea needs 100 dollars .

Also we can promote steem in other platforms.

Thanks for reading

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