Staying home - help to save other lives-

3개월 전

-Staying home-. A sentence that will be analyzed at length and scrutinized by historians when trying to write the chronicle of the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

In rich, emerging or poor countries, authorities, specialists and ordinary citizens have agreed that containment is the one and only way to break the chain of transmission of the terrible virus, which has turned the world order upside down and condemned humanity to quarantine.

Whether or not there are thousands of resuscitation rooms available, it makes little difference if the pandemic spreads with great speed.

This is where "Staying at Home" draws all its splendour from. So the countries that adopt the most drastic containment measures are the most qualified to stop the spread of the virus.

Take care of your garden...

Play the guitar or have fun with things that you like...

But the most important is

I hope you understand the message, old people need us!! Lets protect them please!!



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