Trip to Thailand (day 1)

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I'd like to share with you my honeymoon trip to Thailand. It was a scheduled trip that I will never forget. We spent 15 days there, during which we toured the country from north to south. Despite having lasted much longer than any of the trips we made, it was short, very short. We left the country with the desire to continue visiting many more fascinating places and to go even deeper into this incredible country.

I invite you to enjoy a virtual trip during 15 days. Thanks to the photos and the memories, I will transport you during some minutes to this wonderful country that made me enjoy so much and where, I am sure, I will return.

Madrid-Dubai-Bangkok 4 Nov.
Our adventure started on November 4th from Madrid.


Our first flight to Dubai lasted about 8 hours. This moment specifically exciting and the happiness that invaded us, time went by pretty fast! Despite our accumulated tiredness, we had time for everything: we slept, watched movies and spent hours and hours imagining how the trip would be.


When we realized, we were already in Dubai. At the airport in Dubai we had a two hour wait until we took our second flight to Bangkok. This second trip, also 8 hours long, was a little longer. Below you can see a picture from the plane as we were crossing the desert of Dubai. This time, the excitement turned into a feeling of impatience and anxiety to get there.


Around 7 pm we arrived in Bangkok. We passed the airport security checkpoints and picked up our bags. At the exit, a person was waiting for us to take us to the hotel. We were really tired after almost 24 hours of travel, but the excitement was greater than everything. But, as soon as we set foot on land, a horrific heat stroke hit us. We were wearing our sweatshirts and long trousers to withstand the cold on the planes, but in this case, removing layers was no use. It was 9 o'clock at night and the thermometer indicated 38 degrees.

We arrived at the hotel and, after a deserved shower, we went out to eat Thai food. You will read many times the word "Thai" in our story, but it has "our meaning". For fifteen days we spent the trip using this word as an adjective (with an oriental tone of voice, the same one used by the guide we had during the trip) for everything: Thai food, Thai dance, Thai heat, Thai symbol etc...).

We couldn't wait to try the Thai food that we had been told so much about! We are lovers of the gastronomy of each country we visit, we love to taste everything new.

It took us a long time to find something open because it was late, but in the end, we managed to taste several "Thai" dishes.


The crown jewel during the whole trip: Pad Thai (in this case we didn't add the word "Thai", it's called that way 😊). During the fifteen days of the trip, we tried many types of Pad Thai, but I assure you that all of them, absolutely all, were delicious, despite being different from each other.

The Pad Thai ผัดไทย is a wok-type sautéed dish based on rice noodles with eggs (there are different sizes of them: noodle type, spaghetti type or tagliatelle type). It is stir-fried with soybean sprouts, chicken or shrimp, scrambled egg, coriander, and other ingredients. In general, it is accompanied by lime and chili (optional). But I think the "trick" is in the sauce or condiment that is poured on it, the spices that are used for this dish give it a special touch.


We also ordered a fish soup (Tom Yam Kung) which I remember was very tasty. We had been warned about the "spicy" word. For Thai people, a little spicy is the equivalent of very spicy for the rest of the world. Therefore, one of the most used expressions in our trips (besides the word "thai"), was "NO SPICY, PLEASE". Even so, it was always a little spicy.

We ended the day exhausted, so after a short walk to the hotel groping the unknown streets of Bangkok, we went to the hotel. The next day, we had to wake up early to start what would be one of the most intense days of our trip to Thailand.

To be continued...

(This is a translated post from my yesterday post in Spanish).

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Happy day!

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