Frustrations and Hopes. Poetry, Sweet Dulcinea


Frustrations and Hopes

It's a quarter to eight at night, and I got ready to write these letters. The heat intensifies and the afternoon seems to melt.

I am in a constant struggle, I hate feeling weak in my feelings, my soul falters for an instant and I do not want pain, melancholy and sadness to drag me.

The most unfortunate thing in life is that you give value to what hurts us, to be weak is to give guidelines to the insane.

It is up to you to accept or reject the negative that may come in each area of ​​life, more in the emotional and sentimental area.
I know that I am not a robot, that machine that has no heart and feelings, I am made of flesh and heart. Believe it!

There were days where I was in a terrible test, and it's not drama, because for dramas, soap opera actors.

What has lifted me up, all this time is my faith, although as a human being, I would like to be embraced and to be told: "Sweet Dulcinea", here I am.

I know that not everything in this life is terrible, the tests are temporary, the fears, the uncertainty and that only destroys it, my faith.

And as I was saying, emotionally, you have to be working day by day, so as not to be the puppet of this world.

From : Dulce Dulcinea
To : The World.


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"Although as a human being, I would like to be embraced and to be told: "Sweet Dulcinea", here I am."

Esta parte me fascinó, me sentí muy identificado y es que con tantas cosas tecnologicas en nuestro día a día, nadie sale de la matrix para vivir, compartir y ser más humano.

Ante la incerditumbre, únicamete una fe sólida nos mantiene de pié. Saludos