Venezuela. Memories of its heyday.


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Greetings friends of Steemit.

Memories that transport us to a place and time, if we go back 20 years ago, we would see that the Peruvian-Venezuelan relationship has not just happened with the mass migration that has occurred today.

If we remember and think about everything that Venezuela exported, apart from its natural resources it is impressive. That nineties era was one of the most productive with reference to art, as they stood out on TV with great soap operas, an outstanding musical production, especially in salsa; and how to forget the many, beauty pageants of which they stood out and were daily bread to be queens of so many beauty contests.

I remember that in the afternoons after lunch, my mother stayed to see a novel, which from time to time made me stay and not go out to play, children's things, that novel was called "Dirty Face", I do not know if they remembered it . This novel along with those of the Mexican Thalia, are those that I remember as a child that I have seen, but I do know that my mother saw many more, such as a call "Cassandra" but well, so many productions that Venezuela exported.

Likewise, another very prominent area was the musical movement, including merengue and especially salsero, a type of youthful sauce, but no less important, given that it was very profound in young people and especially in the female sex. We are talking about Servando and Florentino, Salserin, The adolescents, who although they were never compared to the greats of salsa as to the master, the great Don Óscar de León, it is necessary to recognize that they brought salsa to the youngest, and massified the genre; especially here where I belong to Peru, is to confess that we are more of old school sauce, and that at that time young people were not interested, things from those times for Peru.


Especially, and personally, the group that really hit me was "The teenagers", because their themes, although of love, were much deeper with a real plot and not the normal themes of butterflies and fairies, one that for me was the best and it was not romantic, it was this that begins like this -By my father's mischief for nine months I had ...- simply a social issue that up to now afflicts us in our society, especially Latin American.

And how to forget to mention that rhythm that made many move, especially my parents (especially remember my beautiful mother dancing that rhythm) and uncles, but that when I listen to it today transports me to those times of childhood and adolescence, and a very special place, to Venezuela. How not to remember Natusha, Los Melodicos, Los Fantasmas del Caribe, Miguel Moly, Karolina and so many other great exponents, that if I mention them I would not finish this post. Great artists who gave birth to this musical genre, which was a boom in the 90s.

A very special mention is also a song by a group of Colombian "ballenato", which pays homage to the beautiful llaneras women; the group well known by many is Binomio de Oro and the song is "Caracas", they will see that if they listen to it, nostalgia will knock on the door of their memories. Above I leave the song.

Finally, this other write, of the many world and universal "miss" that Venezuela has given us for South America. To conclude, this has been a small tribute remembering the golden age of the llanero country. I hope they resume their vast production and delight us again with their great talent. SUCCESS AND STRENGTH VENEZUELA!

Greetings and thanks.


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