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Light Painter Introduction - Hugo Babtista - Interview Series #03

By: @lightpaintershub


The lightpainting community is small and spread all over the world. A close association


NeedleWorkMonday's Four Week Community Posting Drive Challenge!

By: @needleworkmonday


Hello lovely creatives! As we have Announced, our new NeedleWorkMonday Community is up and running and ready for you to Subscribe


LANZAROTE Adventures Part2 (Arrecife, 17th century church, pirates & beach chill day)

By: @martaesperanza


Today we resume my Lanzarote adventures, in the city of Arrecife. I headed to the city taking a bus in the morning to arrive to San Gines for the Sunday Mass.


Mindful Monday - Simplicity

By: @jackieobermeyer


Tune in here every Monday for a moment of pause to start your week off right!


Coming In Like A Lion

By: @redheadpei


Here in Eastern Canada, March roared in like a lion last night and left plenty of snow to plow or have fun in - whatever is your fancy. It’s nice packy snow for a snowball fight!


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Without a doubt they are excellent works! I'm glad for all the selected... I particularly loved @martaesperanza's post!

Awww... Thank you so much! :)


No doubt indeed, thanks

saludos, que buena labor

Keep up the good work 👍🏾 🍻 !BEER !trdo @tipu curate


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Congratulations to the Top 5 Posts Authors. Very interesting and awesome works. Travel (to Viva Espana), to Canada (to see the pure white snow I have not experienced yet in person), to gorgeous art and needlework (I don't cross stitch but my wife does) and to a really different way to start a Monday. That was a full satisfying read @appreciator. Looking forward to the next selection!

Thank you so much for selecting my post! Means so much!


You are always welcome!

Thanks so much for selecting my post. I’m honoured to be included with this great selection. 😊 💖


You are much welcome.

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