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View From top of the Brahmatal Hill's.

By: @tussar11


In this post I share photographs of beautiful View From top of the Brahmatal Hill's. 1st photograph is explaining the beauty of god made nature with full of Mountains.


March, so far...

By: @nikolina


This post is going to be my braindump, word vomit, free therapy kind of post. I'll rant about quite a few things so I guess this is a "warning" if you're not into reading this at the moment or at all!


The syncretism turned into a city: Salvador de Bahía - Brazil

By: @sofathana


My visit to the capital of the state of Bahia in Brazil, was short but intense. This place has an enveloping energy that drags you towards its innumerable charms: city, cultural, natural ...


Focus Shot That Beautifies the Landscape - The world of photography

By: @barvon


The beauty of an eye gaze is the clarity that we see, both natural landscapes and certain objects. One of them is on photos that have clarity or focus of the camera shots on target.


Travelfeed Update | Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam... I LOVE YOU !!

By: @ireenchew


If you have never been to Phu Quoc, then you have no idea what you're missing...


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