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Saturday in Bad

By: @ervin-lemark


Bad Kleinkirchheim that is. We arrived early in the morning and had a nice breakfast with pancakes before we went up to the slopes.


Feliz día de la mujer ♡

By: @anaivelazco31


Quiero desear un feliz día de la mujer a todas las mujeres que día a día luchan por salir adelante, que se esfuerzan en grande y que son un gran ejemplo para cualquiera ♡


Striking female characters who made history in Cinema.

By: @wiseagent


Today is International Women's Day and as a way of honoring them, as a man who likes to watch movies with actresses playing empowered characters


🎶 (Cena de Cumpleaños) 🎻 en Zipaquirá 😊 / 🎶 (Birthday Dinner) 🎻 in Zipaquirá 😊 (Part 2)

By: @kkarenmp


I still share more of the topics that I touched on the birthday dinner, as I told you it was very nice


My 'Women's Day' Doddle Art || Step by Step!

By: @rem-steem


This year the theme is 'Each For Equal'. And easy to understand that we need equal rights and opportunities for everyone, not just for women. It's a much broader concept than past years and I really support this.


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