5 Thoughts to Consider During These Troubling Times

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Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing well and still healthy.

Since we are back to Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine for 2 weeks here in Metro Manila (NCR, Philippines) here are some tips on how to deal with various things during this pandemic. We all know the news is maddening and the world seems to be going to the dogs but don't fret! We will get through this soon.

Let me share with you some of the things I learned or remembered again since quarantine started. I know it has not been easy because we have no control over certain events and activities going on around us. Still there are various things we can do to keep ourselves sane and mentally or emotionally stable. Here are 5 ideas for you to consider:


1. Forgiveness is for you, not for others.

Choose to forgive yourself and others everyday. Yes, pain makes us stronger but chronic pain is something else. Find a way to forgive people who have hurt you so you will feel better, lighter and happier. Pain in whatever form can bring us stress and various illnesses. We don't need those right now especially when everyone is not their best selves.

Nobody said it was easy to be a good person. Each of us can decide what to do everyday. We can choose to live either a generally happy or sad and painful life. Forgiveness is a choice one must make especially when life is hard, like now.

2. Focusing on the pain will never bring you gain.

If we focus on the darkness we will never see the light. Seek the light and it will find us. It is better to focus on the prize and our life goals.

  • Have no goals in life? Lend a hand to others for the meantime or help save the environment / Earth in some way. Joining the petition to help Save and Defend Manila Bay is one way to do such.
  • Lazy? It happens but it shouldn't last long.
  • Depressed? We all feel it to varying degrees but it should come and go too (unless we are clinically depressed).

There are many good and positive ways for us to move past the pains we've experienced and/or are still experiencing. The internet is a vast resource for us to be able to find the best ways / solutions to our personal problems and take action to deal with it. If we disregard our issues in life, it will consume, blind and paralyze us until we can see and do nothing else.

3. Do the things your future self will thank you for.

How can we think of a better future with the current worrisome situation? Well try what I impulsively did:

  • Think about you 5 yrs ago. Where were you? What were you doing? How was your life?
  • Think back further, 10 or even 15 yrs ago. Have you improved a lot since then? Is your life much better now or not?
  • Now go back to the present and decide what your future self will thank you for soon.

You're welcome. ☺️

Self improvement is never a bad thing. There are also many webinars available for free these days and we can take advantage of any of them. For example, we know August is a ghost month right? Well we have just the thing for you to invite luck during this time.


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We have all the time in the world again to do our property research and keep the bad thoughts away from our minds. Looking for and owning the right property to live or invest in need not be a hassle. I'll be happy to assist and provide the latest quarantine promos that you, your family or friends can take advantage of. Stay up to date with informative webinars like the above and then feel free to let me know your preselling residential and office property preferences. Your future self can thank you later.

4. Keep going.

Rest if you must but keep going. We will eventually get to where we hope to be. We can stay the course or do a detour. It's up to us on how we ride on the wave of the current situation. It doesn't matter how long it takes as long as we keep doing good for ourselves and others.

5. Don't forget to Pray.

The power of prayer is available to us any time of day. It doesn't take a lot of time to do either.

Prayer changes people. Prayer, together with action, can help change the world and make it better. Sabi nga nila, "Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa."


I hope these suggestions can help you and your loved ones while in quarantine. Your thoughts on these would be greatly appreciated too. Let's do what we can to continue being positive during these trying times.

I'll be your artsy real estate agent at your service!

Lucy Stephanie

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