The Kingdom of Splinterlands - Weekly update

3개월 전

1 Daily quest and overall position

Middle of the season and so far Diamond II with 3137 points. Not so bad yet...
Last quest with Earth splinter. Not the worse one, but definitely need Kron (well, who doesn't???) :) And it passed very strange with win and losses streaks (even 6 losses in a row, happens) and finally risen only few points at the end


Quite unexpected win against maxed deck, miracle happens and thanks to Lord Arianthus for keeping the front line strong :)


2 Daily quest rewards

Something unusual this time... no any card and very small DEC. And that's for Diamond II, well, not a surprise any longer


3 Cards leveled up

As per practice I'm trying to chose next useful card worth to be leveled up. And doing it one by one normally (as soon as additional DEC earned or some cards being sold), unless some good offer on the Market (while always using @monstermarket receiving some decent cash back

At the moment leveling up Parasitic Growth. Quite strong card for low speed ruelsets with Opportunity and, most important, Scavenger when leveled to 6th. So far reached level 5 and hope to level up one more within short


4 The Guild of NEOXIAN

No.15 presently. Looks like my new position after some changes in guild members. But still not so bad

Guild status (on last day of the season): Guild Hall - Maxed / Quest Lodge - 24 scrolls to Maxed

That's all so far and see you next time!

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