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While sitting at a light waiting to turn, I heard a screech, and then bam. Two cars hit one taking a left down the same street as me. Debris hit my vehicle, as truck comes rolling by my truck. If they would have been farther into the left, they would have rolled into my truck. I immediately got out and was the first to the truck. As one person was screaming, to get them out. Well we were able to get him out, but his mother, who was driving was stuck still. She wasn't bleeding, or critically hurt. But that is when I had to step in and kick everyone away as they were going to hurt her trying to get her out. They were trying to roll the car back over, which would have lead only too more problems, as it would whip her in the truck and if she had broken bones could make it worse. They also were breaking all the windows and glass was going in her face, we stopped that. Then this is what was the shocker, instead of half the people helping, they were literally sticking their arms in the truck with the video on to get shots. Complete strangers, one even dropped her phone, and I was like ya we are not getting that. People are freaking crazy.

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Is facing a lot of trouble. You have to drive the car carefully.


Is facing a lot
Of trouble. You have to drive
The car carefully.

                 - ahlawat

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