Wednesday walk - Empty roads, Empty parking lots, and Full markets - Sharjah, UAE.

14일 전

Sharjah is arguably one of the more busier cities in the UAE. It's always been like this since I can remember. It used to be the business center before Dubai took over but even now it still is the busiest pod. During peak hours it'll take you hours on road to get anywhere, it's that busy.

A picture I took during the walk. I was feeling a little ironic while editing it.

Walking has always been my favorite mode of transportation. Even when is as hot 45 degrees celcius in the Sharjah streets or -10 degrees in Kharkov's streets, I will walk. Its therapeutic and always let's me get the blood flowing to think more efficiently and get some exercise.

I don't think I need to be repetitive and mention why the streets, at least today, should be a little less busy. I myself wasn't planning to go out, but I had to get my daily dose of walking. To my surprise, Sharjah was pretty quite.


These are 2 of the most busiest roads in Sharjah. They lead to junctions and roundabouts. However, the government has issued strict guidelines for social distancing and a communicable disease law has been passed to keep things under control. I don't think I have seen the city this quite at the peak of the afternoon. To be honest, it's so beautiful like this, so calm and oso peaceful.

Ohi hi there.

I passed by a parking lot. An empty one. This has to be the eight wonder of the world. The greatest issue we face with the road and transport sector is not finding parking spots. The biggest concern in any major event in UAE is always revolving around parking spaces, so you could imagine how shocked I was to find an entirely empty parking lot. I wonder where did everyone park their cars...
Also, took a few pictures here. Made most of my few minutes out on the road. I'll probably upload those pictures to the photography community or appics after I heavily edit them.


The most crowd I have come next to was in the parking lot of the Carrefour. A whole lot of 3 cars and a bmx! Everything except foodstores and pharmacies, hospitals have been shut down. I expected more people here. Even some panic. But panic is something we in UAE do not do. We believe and trust the system. Shelves are pretty full and there's no overcrowdong or no one hurting anyone for a bag of anything.


Even the smoking section is empty. How about that?

Even on normal days there's more crowd in here, and on times of crisis I literally saw maybe eight and half people inside. It really goes to show a lot about this place and the people here.


I didn't grab much. There were plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Prices are surely going up but not unaffordable. Personally, I want to stock up on rice and flour. I got a back of 5kg of flour for a cheap rate, grabbed that and my favorite pack of mixed nuts for the way back.

I wanted to see how the world looked outside my four walls, and I'm very pleased with it. I also needed a walk and could use this chance to buy something.
But most importantly I wanted to maintain as much as distance as possible while I was out there That's it for now.
I will continue to distance myself unless and until there's something really cheap in the market like this bag of flour or unless I had an emergency.

Since my birth I haven't seen Sharjah like this, so I guess this was a pretty special Wednesday walk for me.


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